New HML Contributor for Jismani/Physical Health—Dr. Shagufta Feroz

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Al Hamdulillah, we are very grateful and honoured at HMLiving to have Dr Shagufta Feroz, a double PhD holder in Holistic Nutrition USA and Integrative Medicine USA, and one of the few natural holistic medical practitioners in Pakistan, to graciously agree to regularly contribute to our website with her expertise, wisdom and insight on a diverse variety of topics.  


Dr. Shagufta Feroz has been serving since 1988 at her private medical practice. From her very early age she was passionate towards healing with nature, rather than drugs. Pursuing her passion, she specialized in Family Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She has been serving as the founder of the Synchronized Lifestyle modification Program (SLP) from the past 16 years. Based on her independent research, she has authored a book on preventing, halting and reversing diseases through lifestyle modification titled as “Living as Nature Intended”.

After running a drug dependent clinical practice for 15 years, she identified the healthy lifestyle and its role in prevention, treatment and reversal of disease formation process. This awareness forced her to gradually switch from drug dependent practice to a drug-less Integrative family medicine practice. She has been successfully managing wellbeing of a variety of patients utilizing the SLP, since 2003. Using her 8 rules of correct eating, she converts table foods into a medicine customized for the patient to heal. The beauty of SLP is that is can be benefitted by the rich and poor alike, simply by optimizing intake of kitchen foods.

Dr. Feroz is passionate to transform and groom the youth holistically; she frequently delivers lectures and conducts workshops in schools, colleges and universities. She is also a regular speaker at various health forums, doctor forums, government training institutes, and armed forces training institutes. She has participated in about 100 live TV health shows, and her website is a generous source for knowledge of public.

She is a member of various US based Holistic health promoting organizations and regularly participates in International conferences. She is serving as the Lifestyle Medicine Education (LMEd) collaborator for Pakistan, at the Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. 

To spread Lifestyle Medicine awareness, she has launched her Lifestyle Medicine Training Centre in 2016 in Pakistan. Training is being provided to doctors, nutritionists, nurses, science graduates and other allied health sciences graduates. 

In December 2018, Dr. Feroz is organized Pakistan’s first International Integrative Lifestyle Medicine conference. The objective of this conference is to shake our doctors, medical students and general public to the awareness of this wonderful medicine with promising results based on lifestyle modification.

October 2019 RIPHAH University has started a RIPHAH Institute of Lifestyle Medicine under leadership of Dr. Feroz.

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