The Importance of Movement (Exercise) from at-Tibb An-Nabawi

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Movement (Exercise) from at-Tibb An-Nabawi

Al Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah

  The waste left behind after food is utilized becomes toxic and detrimental if remaining longer than its natural time frame. If forced out by medication, the body suffers both from the ill effects of the medication, as most are toxic / poisonous, while the benefits of the food are also excreted, along with the harm the body suffers from the process. Movement is the strongest means to
  1. prevent the buildup of waste,
  2. prevent heating the organs,
  3. dissolve wastes,
  4. revive the body’s agility,
  5. increase vigor and energy,
  6. render the body more susceptible to nourishment,
  7. firming the joints,
  8. strengthening the sinews, tendons and ligaments,
  9. protecting against all physical and most temperamental diseases
  if applied in moderation, at its appropriate time, along with the appropriateness of other (lifestyle) measures. Appropriate time: After the complete digestion of nourishment Moderate exercise: That which induces the reddening of the skin and causes the body to moisten with sweat. Exercise that causes profuse sweating is excessive. Any limb frequently exercised strengthens, moreover, all faculties respond likewise. If the memory is frequently used its memorization ability strengthens. One who frequently reflects /contemplates, his power of reflection and contemplation strengthens! Likewise, every limb / faculty has its own designated exercise
  • For the chest – recitation, beginning with a low voice and incrementally increasing in volume.
  • For the hearing – listening to sounds and voices incrementally from lightest to the heaviest
  • For the tongue – speech
  • For the eyes – observation
  • For the legs – walking, all incrementally increasing step by step…..
  • Entire body – horse riding, archery, wrestling, racing on foot, all root out chronic diseases
  • For the ‘Nafs’ – education, good manners, joy, patience, steadfastness, courage, generosity, works of righteousness and love! ….
As one continuously exercises these traits they eventually become deep rooted attitudes & firmly grounded faculties. If we reflect on the way of Rasoolullah SAWS, we will find it the perfect guide for protecting health & strength, benefiting in both the worlds
  • Salah, the most beneficial thing for health of the body, dissolving detrimental compounds & wastes, protecting Imaan and the success of this world and the next.
  • Tahajjud, among the most beneficial means of protecting one’s health, preventing chronic diseases and energizing the body, soul and heart.
Shaitan ties three knots on the nape of one’s neck (head) during his sleep imprinting on each knot: ‘You have a long night (still ahead) sleep!’ If he wakes, and remembers Allah, one knot unties. If he performs Wudhu’ a second knot unties, and if he performs Salah all knots unravel and he faces the day invigorated, in excellent spirit!”     (Al Bukhari & Muslim)
  • Shar’ee Saum (Fasting) protects health and an exercise of body & soul, no one can deny!
  • Hajj (and Umrah) and performance of its rituals
  • Jihaad comprises total movement, and among the paramount means of strength, protection of health, firmness of heart & body, repellent of wastes, remover of anxiety & grief!
  • Competition in horse riding, archery
  • Walking in fulfilling one’s own, or his brothers’ needs & rights, visiting the sick, joining funeral processions, walking to Masaajid
  • Even the movement of Wudhu’ and Ghusl!!
The protection of health and excretion of waste found in these activities is the least of their benefits! What they contain for the attainment of the goodness of the world and the hereafter, is something far beyond that! You now must realize that Rasoolullah’s (SAWS) guiding example is far above any other in the treatment of:
  • body and soul
  • protection of their health
  • warding off their sicknesses